I love to dig into a big book project, as that’s the way my mind works—I like to organize material into engaging chapters that flow organically into a cohesive whole. I had to stop and count—I’ve written over 20 nonfiction books so far on a wide range of subjects. Most were ghostwritten or else were partially credited to me (even when I wrote the entire book—that’s the story of a ghostwriter!). Most were written for clients who wanted a book to add to their expert credibility and to share the sum of their professional knowledge. One of my specialties has turned out to be workbooks, which I love to make fun to use rather than a work requirement. Another specialty is helping authors promote their books (whether I ghostwrite them or not). This is an exciting time to be a writer, as there are so many open platforms for your work.   

     Prior to my focus on ghostwriting, I worked as a literary agent for five years identifying viable ideas and developing books into salable properties. I discovered some real gems, and it was a privilege to help so many writers bring their visions to life.

     As you can imagine, these are time consuming projects and if I’m going to devote months of my life to a book, it has to be on a topic I feel good about delving into. Previously I’ve written books on business and health topics, as well as biography and relationships. Anything to do with nature resonates with me and just about anything considered alternative. I do not deal with politics or children’s books.

I’m ready to make your life easier.

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