I’m fortunate in that both halves of my brain are equally developed and play very well together. I love to write as much as I love to create images. And because I usually do both for my clients, when I write I automatically express thoughts visually as well—which leads to great harmony between the text and imagery for your project. Also, when there are conflicts regarding space, it’s easy for me to recast text so it fits the allotted space perfectly. That freedom makes for the greatest possible impact for your message.

I wasn’t being glib on my home page when I said I write everything from tweets to books. Besides being a ghostwriter of books, I also ghost tweet, write blog posts, press releases, special reports, full-length courses, TED talks, presentations, articles and anything else that’s needed. Plus I do plenty of research. And I bet you’ll never meet another one of these: I’ve written many hundreds of fortunes for Fancy Fortune Cookies! (And innovated a whole new style of upbeat, empowering messages while I was at it.)

     So whatever your writing challenges are, I can surely help. Even if it’s simply editing what you already have. Words—I’ve got a million of them!
     The pages here (right and below) are from A Big Happy Life.
     See more on writing books here. 

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