I’ve been building websites professionally since, well, since there were websites! My first one was for a book I wrote in the mid-’90s and featured all the latest whizbangy things like buttons that blink! Because they can! Thank heaven, we’ve all since calmed down and gotten over the impulse to add too many bells and whistles. (Though I’m still partial to a few well-chosen whistles when they serve the content rather than distract from it.)
     After 25 years of this, I long ago concluded that WordPress was the best platform and the only one I wanted to work on. It’s ideal because it does blogs and regular websites without blogs equally well. And once Elegant Themes released their Divi theme, I never looked at another theme again. (Don’t worry if that’s too techy for you. All you need to know is I make contemporary, mobile-friendly sites with the latest and greatest software there is.)

Over the years I’ve built sites for all sorts of businesses, individual authors and entrepreneurs. These are some key things that distinguish me from other website designers:

  • I take the time to understand your business and website goals.
  • I help plan your website architecture for maximum effectiveness—how many levels of information you need, how many main pages, the navigation, etc.
  • I use my deep knowledge of the psychology of color and fonts to create a style that best conveys your messages.
  • I create original headers that give your site its own distinct personality.
  • I can edit your photos to make them look their best and optimize them for fast loading—especially crucial on mobile devices.
  • I also create unique images to convey complex ideas—visual storytelling is my specialty. You’d be surprised what I can illustrate!
  • I can also edit your web copy or write it from scratch—with the goals of clarity and helping your site get found on search engines. (Aka SEO, search engine optimization, but again not something you need to worry about right now.)
  • And finally, if needed, I can train you to update your site yourself so you don’t have to rely on someone else.

Shown here (right) is an example of a theme and color scheme board for a client (1 of 5 to choose from).

One of the great things about the Divi theme is how easy it is to make a big impact (if you have great high-resolution images, of course). This page example here needs to be seen in action (preferably from something larger than a phone). Go ahead and look…I’ll wait.

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