This is so much more than a video hosting site, it’s also the world’s second largest search engine. YouTube’s ease of use, combined with the wild popularity of video content, ranks it second only to its parent company, Google. With over 3 billion searches per month, YouTube’s search volume is larger than that of Bing, Yahoo, AOL and combined. Which is exactly why every business needs some sort of presence on it just for basic credibility.
     People search for absolutely everything you can imagine—and then some—and usually find it. I lost my sewing machine manual, so every time I forget how to thread my bobbin I can go to YouTube and be reminded by the perfect video which I bookmarked. Need to change a tire on your bike? Easy. Want to compare table saws and see demos before you buy? Sure. Ever wonder if you can be hypnotized? You’ll find out on YouTube. Looking for edible purple wedding favors? Oodles. Trying to pick a dog breed. Woof.
     There just isn’t a topic that can’t be enhanced with the right videos. It may take some extra imagination, but I guarantee you it can be done.
     It isn’t that YouTube converts to sales so much as it drives traffic to your sales pages where you can sell your product or service.
     And don’t recoil because you think video creation is expensive. It can be, of course. But you can also whip out your smart phone and give a tour of your office, then edit it with free software.
     I’ve made many dozens of videos over the years but increasingly I provide the ideas, some art direction and send the client off on their own with their phone. In many ways, these lower-tech videos can feel more genuine than slick professional videos. That said, image quality and camera work is still important, so at the very least, have someone else holding the camera, and be prepared to reshoot multiple times to get it right.
     Shown here (right) are title images for various videos. Below is an example of cross promoting a video on Twitter.

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