Twitter is one of the first social media platforms and was thought to be on the wane until a certain politician began relying on it. I’ve had accounts there from the outset and managed quite a few over the years, and it’s still one of my favorite means of reaching out to people. I even wrote an early strategic how-to book about it: Tweet Like A Pro. (There are surprisingly a lot of nuances to it if you really dig into the platform.) Hashtags help you get #discovered but you need to understand how to use them effectively. #OfCourseICanHelp Doubling the maximum character count to 280 has made it a more useful tool and one you should consider using for your business—especially if you can be consistent with it. Here are a few pluses you may not have considered:

  • Big brands use it for customer service because of the immediacy it can provide.
  • Multi-media content stands out in feeds that are often just text-based.
  • Forced brevity increases the likelihood that your message will be read.
  • You can announce something to the world in a matter of seconds (but for heaven sakes DO proofread!).
  • Twitter allows you to react immediately to regional/national events, which can inspire credibility and relevance.
  •  Promo announcements can have real impact, but keep text in your image to be sure it’s read.
  • It’s still a good way to drive traffic elsewhere—as long as the lure is genuine and significant.

I’m ready to make your life easier.