You probably don’t need me to sell you on the importance of social media these days. For all its problems, it is certainly here to stay, so the challenge for solopreneurs and companies is to master it and make it work for you—not the reverse. I have been active on all the major platforms from the beginning (want to see a MySpace page?) and I’ve learned to tame it into submission to do what I want it to! Luckily there are many apps and tools that can help—if you know how to make those work for you.
     Speaking of irrelevant social media platforms: add Facebook to that list. Really. If you enjoy having a personal page for friends and family, wonderful—that’s what it was always intended to do. Just do NOT mix personal and professional. Trust me, your colleagues and clients don’t want to see your grandkid’s birthday party pictures. In 2018 Facebook made major changes to the way they display business pages to their followers. The ONLY way most people see anything you post on a business page is if they are very interactive with your page, actually commenting frequently, not just liking your posts. Otherwise your reach will diminish radically. This was done intentionally to get companies to buy ads on Facebook. The free ride is over. It’s just not something I recommend—small fortunes have vanished down that rathole without much return on the investment.
     The good news is there are other platforms that are still free and do perform well for businesses. My top picks are:

If you feel overwhelmed with all this, fear not—I can help with strategizing, developing your own branded style, running contests, setting up some automation and of course, with creating the content itself. Or if you’re very hands-on, I can teach you what you need to know to develop a useful social presence.


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