If you’re like a lot of clients, you have a bunch of photos snapped over the years on various cell phones, and that’s about it. Maybe you also have a stiff headshot you paid for because you needed one for something. None of them look very good and none of them really tell your business story. Now what? Well, without seeing them, I can’t be positive, but I am sure I can make any photos look better. As for the storytelling, a lot can be achieved with stock photos that I customize even further. If you have physical product(s) then good quality photography is an essential investment, but I can help you make good choices around that.

     What I find especially intriguing is creating custom imagery that portrays concepts not easily imagined. I have rarely encountered a subject that I couldn’t illustrate somehow. And don’t make the mistake of thinking you don’t need high quality images because your business is different. It’s not. Thanks to the internet and social media in particular, we have all come to rely on visual information far more than text. Our attention spans are barely spans at all anymore.
     Because of my training in graphic design, photo editing and fine art, I am uniquely able to create one-of-a-kind images for you that will go a long way toward setting you apart from your competition.

I’m ready to make your life easier.