You need me. Here’s why. I’m all for empowering clients to do as much as they can for themselves, and there are many fine graphics programs to help you do just that. The challenge comes with the usually steep learning curve, which often means poor results done on the fly and in frustration. Even we professionally trained graphic designers have to invest endless hours in keeping our skills up-to-date as programs grow ever more complex. On top of that, add in decades of experience understanding how to choose colors and fonts and imagery themes that best express your mission, and you can see it isn’t just about learning a quickie program.

      As you’ve probably noticed, I love the power of color to make a statement and evoke emotion. Which is not to say everything I design has to be full-on technicolor—I can be subtle when I need to. However, there’s been a trend lately, especially in home interiors, toward all neutrals with maybe a tiny accent of one color. I believe that’s a failure of imagination. Why on earth would you want to live your life in beige and gray? (Sorry, if you do, but that could mean we may not click!) Life is short. Be bold. Show some personality. Pick some colors (or let me do that part).
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